A Guide to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Working at Height

Before launching into the crux of this piece, which aims to shed light on the different types of PPE that can be used as a safety measure when working at height, it is important to make it clear that an overall protection approach should be given priority [Read more…]

The Benefits of Scissor Lift Training

Scissor lift training qualified participants to safely use scissor lifts and booms in any situation. Different businesses can use a number of different types of scissor lift within construction or to create a safe area at which to work from height. [Read more…]

Top Tips for Safe Working at Height

If you are required to work at height in your job then it’s essential to undertake an officially accredited course to prove to employers that you are competent to do the task set out. Additionally, if you are a manager responsible for [Read more…]

Safe Working at Heights

Safe working at heights is a matter of adequate planning and following of the risk assessment completed for the identified activity. Falls from heights have accounted for thousands of injuries at work every year with over forty of these falls proving fatal.

Work at Height Regulations [Read more…]